Why to buy Pixel 2 by Google? not iPhone X !

Pixel Phone

Yesterday Google launches Pixel 2 Phones.

Below are the benefits of buying Google Pixel instead over iPhone X

Unlimited Photos & Videos storage by Google

If you buy Google Pixel, then Google is providing unlimited storage to store high quality images and full HD Videos. In today’s world high quality picture sizes varies from 3MB to 10MB in size and a full HD video of 30 mins easily reaches to GB’s. It’s really good to have unlimited storage to store them on Cloud securely.

Built in Security Module

Google has built a security chip to reinforce your lock screen against malware and hardware attacks.

Google Assistance

Google Assistant is good for request a ride, reserve a table and buy a ticket using just your voice. You can use google assistance for reminding about something, send whatsapp message to contact, take a selfie, all just by your voice. Its too easy to do that.

Built in Image Stabilisation while recording the Video

Its makes a great impact while recording the video. Built in image stabilisation makes video great. You can find this on below video. The left side of the video has no stabilization at all, with optical image stabilization (OIS) and electronic image stabilization (EIS) turned off. The right side is the Pixel 2 with Fused Video Stabilization enabled.


Google Pixel is $150 is cheeper than iPhoneX

Google Pixel Buds

Google Pixel buds have about 4-5 hour of battery life with a carrying case that can charge it 4 times again. Pixel Buds’ fit is also adjustable, comes with more controls one tap to play and pause music, double tap to read out notifications, swipe across them to adjust volume. Google Pixel buds are also wired in between, so that one doesn’t get lost easily.

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